LAEPOCA Mezcal Cocktails

The special taste of LÆPOCA offers everything needed for the perfect cocktail. No matter if you like it sweet and fruity or more tart. Created by our mixologist Xavier, we have brought a variety of cocktail recipes directly from Oaxaca – all of them adapted perfectly to the taste of LÆPOCA. So have fun trying them out – don’t forget that LÆPOCA is also wonderful to drink neat because of its smooth taste...

Grapefruit & Lime

A classic among the Mezcal cocktails is the Paloma. Its slightly smoky taste goes perfectly with the sweet and sour grapefruit lemonade.

To prepare it, fill 60 ml of LÆPOCA in a glass with ice, add 15 ml of lime juice and pour it with Pink Grapefruit. Now, just stir and enjoy. Salud

Mezcal Margarita

There is also a classic in our repertoire: developed by our good friend and bar owner Eduardo from Milano, the Margarita should definitely not be missing within our collection. And it is delicious too!

For the Mezcal Margarita, pour 5 cl LÆPOCA Mezcal into a margarita glass - mix with 2,5 cl lime juice and 1,5 cl agave syrup. Add 0,5 cl of cherry liquor for the last twist.

Optionally garnish with half a chilli - y Listo!

LAEPOCA Mezcal with Black tea, agave artwork, honey, scharzer tee mit Honig und Mezcal LAEPOCA
Black tea & Honey
Mezcal Inglés

Like the brits - only with more pep and LÆPOCA. Some prefer their tea with lemon - we take it up a notch and drink it with LÆPOCA Mezcal.

For the Mezcal Inglés (a.k.a. English Mezcal), allow some black tea to cool, pour about 150ml into a glass with ice, mix with 50ml LÆPOCA.

If you like it a little sweeter, stir in a dash of (e.g. agave) honey. All that remains is to enjoy - Cheers!

Ginger & Passionfruit
Mezcal Mule

The further development of the classic vodka mule. With LÆPOCA, the Mezcal mule is bolder - the smokey touch makes it so interesting.

For the LÆPOCA Mule you need the following:

- 5cl LÆPOCA Mezcal Espadín
- 2.5cl lime juice
- 2.5cl passion fruit juice
- about 75 ml ginger beer to fill up

Then just garnish with 2-3 cucumber slices and enjoy! Salud!

Mezcal Mule with LAEPOCA